Deployment and hosting

How to deploy your Tailwind project

Since Tailwind is technically a CSS library you can deploy it similarly to any other HTML page. You will need some hosting to deploy to. Once you have it connect to your server via FTP or SSH and transfer your files.

MDB GO Platform

The easiest way to initalize and deploy your Tailwind project is to use free MDB GO platform.


1. Navigate to download and install Node.js

2. Open a terminal.


MDB GO currently supports following terminals:

  • Mac OS:, iTerm
  • Windows : cmd.exe, Powershell, ConEmu, Cygwin
  • Linux (Ubuntu, openSUSE, Arch Linux, etc): gnome-terminal (Terminal GNOME),konsole

3. Run the following command:

npm install -g mdb-cli


1. Now log in with your MDB account, type:

mdb login

And provide your login and password. If you don't have account yet you can create one using command:

mdb register

or create one at

2. Once you log in, we can continue. Type the following command:

mdb init

3. And choose Tailwind-Elements starter.


1. Once your project is ready, simply run the following command

mdb publish